Gymless Fitness

Going to the gym can be inconvenient for many people due to lack of time or they simply dislike the social atmosphere, as they prefer to work out in seclusion.

However, there is no reason that you can't get fit just because you don't go to the gym and there are many ways to go about it. Here are some ways you can stay fit without having to take time out of your schedule to go to the gym.

Home Gym

If you can't go to the gym then bring the gym to you! There is some essential gym equipment that can be purchased at sports stores or online. You don't need to break the bank, if you don't wish to splash out on expensive workout machines as they have in the gym, then there are more simple and cheaper options that do the job. Here is a list of some of the things you need for a home gym set-up:

Treadmill: These are excellent for cardio exercises and the speed can be adjusted depending on your preference. Treadmills do, however, take up a lot of space and if this is a problem for you then jogging outside can do the same job. There are plenty of parks and routes that you can take, just make sure that you are dressed accordingly as you don't want the weather to hinder your progress. Invest in some joggers and a windbreaker jacket which is light and won't slow you down but will keep you warm at the same time.

Dumbbells or barbells: Bodybuilding can easily be done at home and dumbbells will do the job perfectly. Go with a lighter weight to start with depending on what's easy for you (2 - 5 kg is a good start) and then work your way up. An adjustable dumbbell allows you to add and take away weight plates so it stops you from having to purchase loads of dumbbells. They cost more but are more practical, the same goes for adjustable barbells.

Pull-up bar: An essential part of any home gym, a pull-up bar is great for back and bicep workouts. If there is nowhere to put the pull-up bar then you can purchase one that has a stand, this costs more but allows you to put it anywhere you want.

Dip bars: A set of bars that allow you to add dips to your workout.

Kettlebells: Unlike dumbbells, there is a larger variety of exercises that can be performed using a kettlebell. Start with a lighter weight as you would with standard dumbbells.

Workout bench: A bench that can incline and decline helps with barbell workouts.


If you don't want to buy all or some of the above equipment and would prefer to get fit for free, then let your body be your machine. Calisthenics is the economical alternative to purchasing fitness equipment, as it involves bodyweight training like press-ups and push-ups which can still allow you to have a toned body without lifting any weights at all.

The best way is to start with what you can handle, don't overexert yourself and you can add more to your sets every time you feel it getting easy. A pull-up bar is normally used in callisthenics and you can be creative with your press-ups and find different raised platforms, like stairs, to increase the difficulty.

Building a home gym is quite flexible as it is entirely up to you what you include. The kind of workout you want to do will affect what kind of equipment you will purchase and this will result in you utilising everything as you have chosen them yourself. If you are into bodyweight training or callisthenics, you don’t need any other equipment besides a pull-up bar. This is efficient for low-cost workouts at home and you can get quite far by just using your own body as your machine.

The main factor with bodyweight training is that it requires consistency so if you know you are going to dedicate yourself to it then it’s a good choice.


If you are a creative person, then a DIY setup is something to consider. There is a range of tutorials online on how to make your gym equipment making it an economical option. You would be surprised how simple it is to make dumbbells. This isn't for everyone as many people don't have the time and the patience but the option is still there for people who want to try something different.

There are also many guides online on how to make gym equipment yourself if you are into DIY. This will further reduce the costs of building a home gym. After purchasing the equipment you need for your home gym, you must have the right workout program. Once you have this sorted then you’re good to go.

Martial Arts And Dance

Trying to stay fit doesn't mean endless hours in the gym "pumping iron" as you can make it fun too. Starting martial arts or dance classes can be a fun way to keep yourself fit and are great hobbies at the same time.

Martial arts helps build confidence while teaching you self-defence. Learning martial arts is an essential skill to have and will give you a physical advantage should any conflict arise where you are required to defend yourself.

Dance is not only extremely fun but helps keep you fit as all the different parts of the body are being used. There are loads of different styles of dance and it is really up to you which one you pick. Dance also helps boost self-confidence and has many psychological benefits.

Personal Trainer

This option isn't entirely "gymless", however, it is a good alternative if going to the gym by yourself seems daunting. If you can afford it, a personal trainer is an excellent investment as it will keep you motivated and boosted as humans are by nature sociable, and working with others could increase the amount of effort you put into the gym.

Some people require someone to stand over them when doing a workout as they easily lose motivation and the drive to carry on. Personal trainers can help with this as there will always be a voice encouraging you to push yourself that little bit further.

Personal trainers also help with diet plans and so are a valuable asset to your active lifestyle.

Many people want to be fit, but not many choose to attend a gym. It’s entirely up to the person whether they train better in a social environment or in the comfort of their own home. There are many ways to get fit and not all of them include expensive commercial machines. Making a home gym is an excellent idea and means travel won’t be an issue resulting in more time being spent on workouts. As a whole, this can enhance one's fitness experience.

Home gyms are normally considered a luxury but with the knowledge of what you want to achieve and the specific equipment needed for that purpose, you really don’t need to break the bank.

The first thing you need to do to set up your home gym is to create an atmosphere. Finding a space with enough room to move, filling it with things that motivate you is a good idea whether that be a speaker or simply a poster of your fitness aspiration. This will keep you happy while you train and increase the chances that you will make a regular habit of training in your own personal gym. Also, make sure you don’t overcrowd the room and only purchase equipment which is going to be incorporated into your everyday workout.

It is important to consider if you want to add some equipment to a room or if you want to convert a room into a dedicated gym, which is only recommended if you have enough space in your house. The second option, however, will allow you to purchase a lot more equipment without the fear that it will get in the way.

Equipment You Need

Next, you are going to need some gym equipment.

A set of dumbbells or barbells are essential for basic workouts and lifting them every day will provide better results rather than just once in a while.

Purchasing a treadmill is good for cardio but it can take up a lot of space. If space is an issue, then simply jogging outside will be sufficient for cardio workouts. A lot of parks have workout equipment so if you’re into outdoor training, have a look at what your outdoor spaces have to offer.

A pull-up bar is also a gym staple and is a very important piece of equipment perfect for keeping your back and biceps in shape.

Kettlebells are important as they allow you to do moves that are more challenging than using a regular dumbbell.

Weight plates are necessary if you have a dumbbell or barbell as you can keep adding weight as you feel your body growing stronger over time and this is progressive resistance.

A workout bench comes in handy when using a barbell as you can incline and decline the bench as you train.