Top 10 Essential Fitness Wear Necessities

Getting fit quickly isn't all that complicated. All you need is motivation and the right kit. It is a good idea to make a list of things you need before you start a gym routine or take up a new sport, as you want to be as prepared as you can be. As the common quote goes "If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail".

Here are the top ten essential fitness necessities for men and women:

1. Technical T-shirts

Technical T-shirts

A lot of working out leads to a lot of sweat and a normal t-shirt is inadequate as it will become drenched and will give an unpleasant feeling in the gym. Technical t-shirts, however, are made from moisture-wicking materials that absorb the sweat and feel dry allowing you to remain in comfort for longer. They also look great and are also worn by people during everyday activities so you can be sure to make the most out of the t-shirt.

2. Gym Bag

Specially made gym bags are made to be resistant to odours, unlike regular bags, and are useful for carrying all your clothing after getting changed. There are all different kinds such as duffel bags and backpacks and it just depends upon what your personal preference is. It doesn't necessarily have to be "boring" either as there are plenty of stylish gym bags available.

3. Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Plastic bottles fill up landfill sites and take a long time to decay so you can help the environment by purchasing a reusable water bottle. Drinking enough water to stay hydrated is essential when going to the gym or working out at home, so purchase a water bottle that suits your needs. There are so many kinds of water bottles on the market, whether you prefer a sports cap, metal or plastic bottle or even a water bottle with a special freezing tube in the middle to keep your drink cooler for longer.

4. Suitable Footwear


It is common sense that boots aren't very appropriate for use in the gym so you should invest in some suitable footwear. Light, comfortable trainers are great for working out in the gym as they don't get in the way and the right ones can feel like you are just wearing socks! Speaking of socks make sure you get the right ones...

5. Socks

Sports Socks

Socks that are designed for training in the gym or sport prevent rubbing and blisters which can be a real hindrance to your active lifestyle. They should have plenty of padding to reduce the chance of blisters but they should also be comfortable and suit your needs, such as allowing your feet to breathe.

6. Sports Bra

This one is for the ladies as training in a normal bra is a big no-no. Sports bras help keep the chest in place to offer maximum comfort while you train and the design of the straps prevents them from slipping down. The straps are normally made from mesh to let the air through, also the bra is made from moisture-wicking materials which will keep you cool and dry. There are many different styles and colours to choose from.

7. Towel

Keep a towel so you can wipe away perspiration while working out as dripping sweat can be quite uncomfortable and distracting even if it is proof of how hard you are working! Get the right size to fit in your bag and keep that one for gym use only, so you know when you need it washed for the day you are going to the gym. Darker colours will look better for longer, whereas white towels do well on a hot wash in the machine.

8. Weatherproof Jacket

Weatherproof Jacket

Wanting to go out for a jog but the weather has taken a turn for the worse? Don't let it hinder you and invest in a suitable jacket. A light, technical jacket will help you from freezing to death without slowing you down at the same time. Quick fashion tip... these technical jackets are becoming a popular sight with the rise of the athleisure trend and are being worn by people not doing anything remotely sporty but simply because they look so good!

9. Sports leggings

Let's face it, in places like London, sometimes it is just too cold for shorts but that shouldn't put you off going for a good workout. Get some good gym leggings that preferably have an adjustable waistband so they don't fall and fit perfectly. Gym leggings are also made from moisture-wicking materials (you have heard a lot about that here) that help keep you dry and free from moisture.

10. Fitness Tracker/Fitness App

Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker will tell you the number of calories burnt, and the distance travelled and can even measure your heartbeat. If this sounds cool now you can even download fitness apps on your phone that even tell you the number of calories in the food you eat! Fitness trackers are a must-have as you can see all aspects of your lifestyle in statistics and push yourself that little bit further. Track every bit of your life so you know what you are doing right and wrong, so you can tailor it to fit in with your healthy lifestyle goals.

Above are ten of the most essential fitness necessities however it doesn't mean that these are the only ones. There are plenty of things that could be used in different fitness activities and it is really up to what you use and when. Combat sports need extra protective gear like mouth guards so you should research before starting a new sport or activity. Be prepared and stay fit!