Top Ten Gyms in London

London is a great place and the possibilities of things to do are endless. Gyms in London are also improving and are becoming more enjoyable places to attend. But, where do you go when you want to break a sweat? However, if you are more into setting up a gym in your own home, then that is a great idea too.

According to Reports and Data, Climbing gyms are becoming more popular among people globally who prefer a mainstream pastime rather than a specialized sport.

There are many gyms in the British capital, here are the top ten most popular gyms in London:

1. Third Space 

Third Space is a state-of-the-art gym based in Soho which was established around 15 years ago. It is a luxury health club but you will definitely get what you pay for with modern equipment and even natural fitness food meals.

However, what’s really stunning about this gym and makes it a cut above the rest is the hypoxic chamber. The hypoxic chamber uses generators and special conditioners that limit the amount of oxygen there is inside.

This means that the chamber has the same effect as an area with a high altitude like a mountain. This makes it harder to train but it has more of an effect on your body. These chambers are normally used by aerospace researchers and this makes them quite a valuable asset to the gym.

This gym has everything you could wish for in a gym and more and is really worth the money. It’s meant to be the “third space” in your life after work and at home.

2. GymBox

GymBox in Covent Garden is a superb gym and has a “nightclub” vibe. From yoga to boxing, GymBox has whatever you want to do. It has a lot of experienced teachers and superb classes which are complemented by an experienced DJ to help motivate you. It’s a fairly large gym with a range of equipment and facilities; it also has its own boxing ring.

GymBox is also known for its VPTs (very personal trainers) who help with all aspects of fitness and are a really good investment if you find it hard to reach your exercise goals. Furthermore, they don’t actually work for the gym they are independent professionals who take their time to come in and help people work out.

3. BLOK London

The main thing that makes BLOK stand out from other gyms is the fact that it is so trendy. The building used to be a warehouse that has now been converted into a gym and the décor is really stylish. The gym also has its own bone broth bar so members can get those extra nutrients along with their workout.

However, the gym doesn’t have treadmills or other fancy machines and it is mostly class-based. There are classes for boxing, yoga, Pilates, and many more exercises. What’s different about the gym is that there aren’t any membership fees so you pay for classes individually or in bundles.

4. Another Space

The owners of Third Space realised that many people who want to attend a gym don’t necessarily want to pay for a membership or be stuck by a restrictive contract. So they came up with the idea of providing similar facilities in a pay-as-you-go gym leading to the creation of Another Space.

The gym offers three classes including yoga, boxing, and core strength. The gym also has everything to cater to your needs including a smoothie bar that has nutritional snacks and organic juices.

5. 1Rebel

Created by the son of the owner of Fitness First, 1Rebel is an innovative gym that feels more like a nightclub than a gym. The idea behind the gym is that you can’t change the press-up but you can change the service. This gym has state-of-the-art technology and friendly trainers to help you go that extra mile.

1Rebel is a gym for people who hate gyms. It sells a new experience that hasn’t been seen before and this makes it great for people who want to try something new.

6. easyGym

If you want to go to a gym but want a more affordable option then easyGym is for you. With decent facilities and a friendly atmosphere, easyGym has everything you need in a gym for the best possible price. It isn’t luxury but it will get you fit.

There are seven branches in London alone so it doesn’t matter what area you are in. With full equipment and classes, what more could you want in a gym that’s less than half the price of others?

7. Core Collective

Core Collective is a superb gym with experienced personal trainers and a wide variety of classes. From Pilates to ballet, Core Collective has it all. There aren’t any membership fees so people who attend this gym pay for classes as a bundle.

Core Collective is known for its friendly trainers and is really a good choice of gym if you are looking for a personal trainer to help you with your fitness plan. It is also a good gym for callisthenics as it has many body training programs.


YMCA is probably London’s biggest gym and is funded by the UK’s largest fitness, health, and education charity. It offers a variety of services including a swimming pool and a badminton court. The membership fees are quite flexible depending on what you want to do, making it a good choice for the price.

They are also known for their boxing techniques and Zumba classes. If you prefer a large gym with a social atmosphere then the Central YMCA is for you.

9. Psycle

The closest you will ever get to riding a bike in a nightclub. Psycle combines a party atmosphere with intense gym workouts to bring you an experience that is something else from other gyms.

Psycle is based on the idea that it doesn’t just change bodies but souls as well. There is a belief and something deeper than just attending a regular gym. It’s all about being happy and energetic while you attend the gym and not just going there to pump iron. It’s a new experience and is worth the money and time.

10. Dog House Fitness

Located in the southwest of London, Dog House Fitness has high-intensity boxing training and a range of other fitness classes. They also have a range of dance classes and specialise in high-intensity workouts.

With a kitchen by Pitch Coffee providing plenty of healthy options, you are well prepared in this gym.


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