Covid-19: Stay Healthy During Quarantine

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, health and safety have become people's top priorities. While staying at home may be for the benefit of others and reduces the risk that the virus will be spread, self-quarantining doesn’t have to be a boring and lazy experience, sat in front of the TV for two weeks.

In fact, it is scientifically proven that through regular exercise and healthy eating, an individual can boost their immune system and reduce the risk of getting the virus in the first place. And if the worst-case scenario occurs and someone, unfortunately, does come down with the virus, the majority of Coronavirus-related deaths are of people who already have other health issues and weak immune systems.

All in all, there is no reason to panic and this post is here to help you to stay healthy, safe, and happy. Here are some ways to stay healthy and fit during these tedious times of self-quarantine and lockdowns.

Stay Active

With lockdowns are in place, all gyms have to be closed down and many people worry about how this is going to affect their active lifestyles. Staying at home, however, doesn’t have to mean the end of staying fit as there are plenty of ways to get your heart pumping at home.

Start a home gym – If you don’t mind investing some money into staying fit, and you are blessed with space, then the gym being closed doesn’t have to be an issue as you can bring the gym to your home! Get some gym equipment online and keep up the same routine you have had all this time. Some essential gym equipment to consider investing in are:

- dumbbells
- barbells
- treadmill
- dip bars
- bench
- resistance bands

That’s not everything you can purchase for your home gym and the list is endless, have a browse and see what’s needed to cater to your active lifestyle.

DIY home gym – If the above point sounded awesome but you don’t have the money to spend on expensive gym equipment then don’t despair! Plenty of innovative minds on the internet have applied their out-of-the-box thinking to gymless fitness and have made ways to gain the same muscle you would in a gym, for totally no cost at all. Things like lifting a 10kg bag of rice or other heavy items can be used as a substitute for dumbbells which can cost quite a bit. This is an inexpensive way of getting fit during the lockdown or quarantine.

Calisthenics – If you don’t want to spend money but you don’t want to make anything yourself either then don’t use gym equipment at all! Calisthenics is bodyweight training; when you use your own bodyweight to gain muscle. Simple exercises like press-ups and sit-ups, although seemingly easy, when done in large quantities can help you gain some serious muscle. Muscles gained through calisthenics also remain in shape longer without doing exercise for a significant period of time as opposed to muscles gained through lifting weights.

Eat Healthily

Any fitness expert will tell you that the most important thing that goes side by side with exercise is diet. Protein-rich foods help to gain muscle while you work out, but to reduce the risk of getting nasty diseases and viruses like Covid-19 there are plenty of foods to eat that help boost the immune system. Fruit and vegetables are the main foods that aid in boosting the immune system, here are some excellent and beneficial varieties:

Citrus fruit – One of the most well-known foods for boosting the immune system, citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit are rich in Vitamin C and help to increase the production of white blood cells fight disease and infections.

Broccoli – Loaded with vitamins and other beneficial nutrients, broccoli is considered one of the healthiest vegetables that you can eat. Take care not to overcook them though as broccoli can lose its nutrients when cooked for too long. It’s a common thing for young children to dislike broccoli (and sprouts) due to irresponsible cartoons where they are seen as gross and smelly vegetables. If you are a parent, however, do not despair; instead, make funny face designs with the veg so eating broccoli looks fun and appealing to fussy children.

Red peppers – Sweet, delicious, and easy to eat, in comparison to citrus fruit, red bell peppers contain double the amount of vitamin C.

These are just three of the very long list of immune system boosting foods, there are many varieties and there is definitely something that will appeal to you that can be incorporated into your diet.

Time Management

Last but not least is time management. With many people working from home and some people not working at all, the line between time used for work, family, and recreation has become blurred. Here are some tips on timekeeping so you can make the most out of your quarantine:

Keep a diary – Having a diary with times written down help you keep track of what you are supposed to be doing and when.

Set alarms on your phone – Setting an alarm is a great way to notify when you need to finish one thing and start another, such a simple thing like setting alarms can help you to organize your whole life.

Get a watch – Although we live in the age of smart technology, always having a watch on your wrist makes it effortless to check the time. If it seems old-fashioned to get a plain old watch then invest in a smart one. Smartwatches not only tell you the time but can also receive calls, texts, and other notifications straight from your phone; now that’s a smartwatch!

Above are some tips on making the most out of quarantine and leading a healthy and happy life during the Covid-19 pandemic. There is no need to worry as there isn’t much that healthy eating and regular exercise can’t cure; another good point to remember is that part of the healing process is psychological, always stay positive as this can speed up recovery.