7 Lifestyle Essentials to Improve your Well Being

If you dedicate your entire day to work and other activities, it is time you take a break. Most of us feel we can 'manage' the workload and other activities. Initially, it might not be a problem. But your well-being will be affected if you persist with such a tiring routine. It is why many organisations now force employees to take time off from work and go on a holiday. Why?

The reason is that even though an employee is present physically, their productivity may not be up to par. Individuals often come to the office when they are sick or facing other problems in life. The primary reason is job insecurity and the stigma around taking leave. This forced working is referred to as presenteeism. It is a growing problem for organisations nowadays.

Tips for Improving Wellbeing 

If you are such a workaholic, this article is a must-read. We will discuss the best tips to improve your well-being and ensure you get the rest you deserve.

Calculate your Non-Rest Hours

The first thing that you must do is calculate your non-rest hours. In other words, how much time you spend in the workplace, household chores, personal work, travelling to and from work, and other tiring tasks. Then calculate your sleeping hours. In most cases, individuals hardly have time to eat lunch or dinner. They are forced to rush everything to meet deadlines and to get to the office on time.

Once you calculate your non-rest hours will provide you with a comprehensive picture of whether you are getting adequate rest. Most adults require more than 7 hours of sleep to function. The sleeping hours are not the same as rest. The rest hours are the time you dedicate to doing activities that are not part of your work. Instead, they are performed for leisure. You need at least 2 – 3 hours of rest per day.

Exercise Daily

You can use the rest hours to exercise. Every individual needs at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. Several studies prove that daily exercising improves a person’s health (both physical and mental). It also reduces the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other debilitating conditions. Therefore, exercise daily. You can join a gym for this purpose or go outdoors.

Utilise Sunlight

Over the years, a new trend has started among people: exercising at night. While exercising is healthy, the maximum benefits are derived during the early morning or daytime. The human body requires sunlight because it helps produce Vitamin D, strengthen bones, and improve mental well-being. When the days get hot or cold, use effective skincare products, moisturisers, and foundations that protect the skin from damage. 

Focus on your Hobbies

As children and teenagers, we all often had hobbies. When we enter adulthood, we often ignore these hobbies because we no longer have the time for them. In hindsight, you will realise that it is one of the biggest mistakes of your life. Never give up on what you like doing in your spare time. We recommend that you practice your hobbies and even find new ones. For example, you can go cycling, swim, or read a book in your spare time. All these hobbies are a great way to lift your mood. You can even set up a small garden on your balcony or lawn.


Take out the time for your family, friends, and even neighbours. Man is a social animal, and there is no denying it. If you refuse to socialise, your thoughts and concerns will eat you from the inside. Over time, you will get depressed, which can even lead some people to have suicidal thoughts. Therefore, never let go of an opportunity to socialise. If your friends and family live far away, you can video call them or plan a trip once in a while. Trust us when we say that all this will be worth it, as these things are significant mood-changers.

Stay Away from Smoking, Drugs, and Alcohol

Another wellness tip is avoiding smoking, drugs, and alcohol. They might seem to lift your mood but only temporarily. In the long run, they will affect your mental and physical well-being. For example, smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer nowadays. Alcohol leads to liver cirrhosis, both of which are life-threatening diseases.

Stick to a Balanced Diet

Another thing to remember is the importance of a balanced, healthy diet. Fast food and takeaways have ruined our health. The reason is that most people have stopped cooking at home altogether. They opt for a quick bite because it is inexpensive and quite convenient. There is considerable research that shows that a balanced diet can do wonders for your physical and mental health.

We want to conclude by saying never compromise when it comes to your well-being. The old saying 'health is your greatest wealth' seems cliché but has never been more critical than in today's time. Therefore, start focusing more on your well-being and stop worrying too much about work.