Top 10 Fashion Trends That Came Back

Throughout history, there have been several different changes in the types of clothing that people wear and are regarded as stylish. These have been influenced by a range of aspects from trends started by celebrities to outright innovations in technology.

Here are some of the top fashion trends that died out and made a massive comeback:

1. Chokers

Many people remember chokers as a trend from the 90s but they actually go way back in history. Chokers were first worn by the ancient Egyptians and the Sumerians of Mesopotamia who believed they had special powers. In the 19th century, Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom wore a choker to hide a scar on her neck and this made it quite fashionable at the time. They came back in fashion during the 90s and died out until after 2010 when a lot more people and celebrities started wearing them.

2. High Waisted Jeans

During the 1950s, high-waisted jeans were common among men and the 1940s saw American zoot suiters wearing trousers that reached the chest. In the 60s and 70s people started to wear lower-waisted jeans and high-waisted jeans became unfashionable. The rise of hip-hop culture in the 80s and 90s led to the famous trend of sagging trousers below the bottom and many people still do it today!

However, high-waisted jeans are back in fashion albeit skinnier than they were back then, and this is a very popular trend among female celebrities. These jeans can be skinny or loose (see no.6 mum jeans).

3. Bum Bag or Fanny Pack

Bum bags, as commonly referred to by the English, or fanny packs, as referred to by Americans, actually have routes in ancient history. The 5000-year-old ice mummy, named Ötzi, had a belt pouch, also people wore them in medieval times and even the Native Americans had a version called the medicine pouch.

During the 1980s and 90s, the bum bag was very popular and was worn around the waist by many people until the trend declined in the early 2000s. Again in 2019, the bum bag bounced back into fashion but was to be worn across the shoulder instead. Now more expensive designer brands have also been producing them which has led to a large number of celebrities sporting these bags.

4. Denim Jackets

Levi Strauss, the man who invented jeans, also invented the first denim jacket in 1880 and it was worn as work apparel by miners and cowboys. A newer version was created, again by Levi's, in the 1960s and became very popular until it died out for a while.

In 2017, Google collaborated with Levi Strauss & Co to make a futuristic denim jacket with a built-in computer called "jacquard" but it had such a high price, so a lower price version was then released with the same look minus the technology. Denim jackets are now back in fashion and are made by all different kinds of companies from regular high-street brands to the likes of Calvin Klein and Gucci.

5. Scrunchies

Although invented in 1963, it was not until 1987 that the scrunchie was patented by Ronny Revson, who called it a Scunci as that was the name of her pet poodle! This decorative hair accessory become more well-known as a scrunchie and was very popular in the 80s and 90s, as they were even worn by actresses in many movies.

They made a comeback in the mid-2010s and since then many have been worn by catwalk models. Although a lot of people may now see scrunchies as being too old or outdated, there are an equal number of people who will spend huge amounts on colourful designer scrunchies.

6. Mum Jeans

Mum, or Mom, however, you choose to say it, these high-waisted and wide-legged jeans were worn by middle-aged women in the 80s and 90s and weren't really fashionable amongst younger women. Mum jeans have made a major comeback of late and have replaced skinny jeans among many women who are aware and like to keep up with what's trending now.

Some men have even been seen wearing them, like Barack Obama who was mocked for it, dubbing them dad jeans. This is also an example of an American trend that has become quite popular in Britain.

7. Platform Shoes

Throughout history, many different kinds of platform shoes have been worn for different reasons the most obvious one being to give height to the wearer. These shoes were extremely popular in the 80s and, you guessed it, have come back and now everything from boots to trainers has added platforms.

Apart from the added height bonus, it's hard to say what benefit platformed shoes actually give. Limits are being pushed and some designer brands are making seriously chunky shoes.

8. Round Glasses

Famously worn by John Lennon or Harry Potter, round glasses have come back in fashion after being asleep since the 1970s. They do have older roots, however, and were worn in the 1920s. Round glasses have long been associated with "geeks" and are now fashionable as it supposed to be against the norm and a display of free spirit, but the trend has hit off so well that they are becoming the norm!

9. Combat Trousers or Cargo Pants

Whatever you call them, these ultra-practical trousers are back in fashion. First worn by British armed forces in the 1930s, these trousers are popular among civilians now and are available in many colours and styles. Lots of pockets are a typical feature of these trousers and means that a lot of things can be carried without having to carry a bag, but of course, fashionistas probably don't wear them for this reason! They are so practical and stylish, which makes them one of this season's must-have items of clothing and probably for many more seasons to come!

10. Tie Dye

The term tie-dye is a modern version of "tied and dyed" and is often associated with hippies from the 70s. Tie-dye clothing hasn't been worn since its glory days up until now. It is now a massive trend and tie-dye can be seen on the catwalks as well as on the streets.

Due to the nature of the design, with no two patterns ever being quite the same, this kind of clothing is unique and promotes individuality, something that is quite popular with the younger generation. From hats to tops and bottoms, anything can be found in tie-dye in both bright and neutral tones, so it's all about what suits you the most.